Note for the warranty

Buying time is determined by date of purchase (such as invoices or bank slip)

After sale warranty should provide the product warranty card and valid documents of purchase

Overseas customers should send the warranty card and valid documents of purchase both to saleman or maintaince department.

The Damage description for after-sales costs and accessories

The damages is not artificial, the after-sales costs will be charged by the company.

Out of EcoRider warranty for replacement and repairing parts can be extended for 3 months.

One of the following cases shall not be warranty of products, but there will be a reasonable repairing fee.

More than the warranty;

The serial number removed or destroyed by consumers;

The details on warranty card does not match with the physical identification of goods or be altered;

The damaged was caused by that did not use refering to the product specification requirements and unreasonable maintenance.

The damaged was cause by non-commitment warrany Party A who are unreasonable disassembly.

The damaged was caused by irresistible factors.